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Solon World Snack

In 2016 Solon Company introduced amazing Food and Nature snacks based on chickpea and lentil flours. Our snacks are manufactured within two lines: conventional and organic. Couple reasons to choose Food & Nature snacks:

  • Clean label
  • Lower fat content when compared to popular fried potato chips
  • GMO free
  • Gluten free

Amazing benefits

No preservatives and colorants

We don't use preservatives and colorants in our products, because it is important for us that our products are fully natural

Perfect for vegetarians and vegans

Our products are perfectly compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets.

Handy packaging

Our products are packed in small packages that are perfect for grab&go (40g/30g)

Fantastic outdoor snack

Great companion when you meet up with family and friends

Positive nutritional qualities of the main components

Lentil have been appreciated all over the world as a healthy and tasty component. (J Am Heart Assoc., 2019)

Snacks in modern attitude

We understand that world changes constantly and we are trying our best to meet modern world expectations

The nature


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